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Red’s “Childhood Runaway” Concept Shoot

This is Red’s concept shoot that we shot today. We were trying to capture the feeling of a runaway kid, who is sharing his adventure with his bear and his wagon. I wanted to take a completely cinematic approach and convey the story exclusively through the photos. There is so much creative freedom with concepts like this.. I just love it! I think you’ll like the results. 🙂

Concept Photography
Brandywine, MD


The Adventures of Jacqueline Tew

This is Miss Jacqueline Tew. She is my expressive-eyed storyteller… You can expect a lot more of these because she’s full of ideas for a series that she (AND I!!!) would love to shoot! I love doing stuff like this.. seriously, love it! As a graduate of film school, I love telling stories visually.. that’s exactly what this is. Here is her first chapter.

Series Photography
Wilmington, NC