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Sisters in the Summer – Sibling Photography

Hey guys! On Monday afternoon, I had the pleasure of shooting the Elkins sisters who are both just amazingly wonderful and funny. I had so much fun with these two. They reminded me of my own sisters and I suddenly wanted to do a family shoot with my sisters. I miss them! Ahhh! There is nothing like the bond of sisterhood. Sister relationships are so awesome because you are born with a best friend. You can fight and make up in a matter of seconds. It’s such a weird dynamic… I love it.

Now I don’t normally do family portraits. It’s not like I have anything against it, it’s just not usually a client I attract since I don’t shoot children. This shoot on the other hand… Pretty much the ideal family session for me. These girls are around my age so I was able to just kick it with them and take some photos for mom. Mom likes nature. Here we go!

Time for a little tech rundown:

For the set above, I shot completely natural light. I had Melanie (right) hold a few of the branches of the bush to frame their faces with the budding flowers and add an extra layer to the photo to make it more interesting. This set is a personal favorite of mine. These girls are so pretty and natural!

The photos below were shot under a dark, shadowy tree. Sun spots are always a problem under tree light, so I used a Canon 580exII flash into a 45″ white umbrella to illuminate the girls with a nice soft light, while blocking the major sun spots with a translucent reflector.

Just a quick thanks to these girls for being so cool and cooperative in our interesting…environment. Haha! And thanks to Jasmine for coming all the way down from NYC for this shoot! You guys are too cool!

Family Photography
Sister Portraits
Washington, DC

The Shea Sisters!

Hey guys! Let me introduce the fabulous Shea sisters! You may remember Chelsea from my portfolio of dance photography. I think that it has been so long since I’ve shot Chelsea Shea’s fancy dance moves that I wasn’t even blogging yet at that point! Either way, you can see her incredible talent in the dance section on my website: www.alexapolettiphotography.com

The other day, I got together with longtime friend from film school, Courtney Shea and her sister Chelsea to do some surprise portraits for their parents for Christmas. We took a look at their last Sears family portraits and decided we definitely needed to get a little grungy, a little edgy, and way more interesting. No one likes Sears portraits hanging in their house!!! So I took a trip out to Annapolis, MD to walk the town with these too lovely ladies.

Absolutely love the colors in this town!

So perfect!
Love these girls!!!

It’s not too late to do a family session for holiday cards or Christmas gifts! Email me to inquire on dates and pricing!

Family Photography
Annapolis, MD