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Bathtime for Pancake!



Taking a quick editing break from wedding photos to transfer these funny pics of Genna’s dog, Pancake. This is a photo update for Sha… Enjoy Pancake’s soggy wig! She misses you!

Oh my god. So ugly.

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How could I NOT visit the lake and these pups on a beautiful, beautiful day like today?

Sending picture updates of her dog, Pancake (alias: Brenda, Tippy), to my twin sister Genna who has moved out to California. Little Pan even flashed a smile thinking of mama…

Scraggly little thing!! Do you guys remember when she was just a tiny pup?


Hehe…. Well, she has definitely transformed into a stinky little lake dog…

Heheh… aww… these guys melt my heart. Here is Anne, the looker of the family:

After a big day of playing outside, naptime in the sun for all of us…

Can’t wait for spring! Bring on more of this awesome weather!!

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