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Lowbrow + Torch Runner

Above: Austin Ballard, Brendan Riley, Kable Lyall (Lowbrow)

Hey guys! So this post is a little different than my usual style. Some shots from the Lowbrow + Torch Runner show. No shots from the wild aftermath of police chases, searches, tow trucks, shooting suspects, or of Waka Flocka… but you can’t have everything.

Above: Brandon Swiderski (Lowbrow)

Above: Brandon Swiderski (Lowbrow)

Above: Austin Ballard, Brendan Riley (Lowbrow)

Above: Rob Turner (Torch Runner)

Music Photography
Charlotte, NC

Cordova Sound Recording Studio

What’s up! Dropping in to tell all of you bands to record your next album with Cordova Sound in China Grove, NC. I shot their studio for AP magazine and the guys there are all really awesome.

Studio: Cordova Sound

Music Photography, China Grove, NC