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Bathtime for Pancake!



Taking a quick editing break from wedding photos to transfer these funny pics of Genna’s dog, Pancake. This is a photo update for Sha… Enjoy Pancake’s soggy wig! She misses you!

Oh my god. So ugly.

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New Puppy!!!!

New puppy, new puppy!!
Last night, my twin sister, Genna, got a brand new little puuuuupppyyy and it is the cutest damn thing. Oh man… wheeee! She is a little bundle of energy. She can’t quite walk right yet so she falls over a lot and kind of bounces from place to place really quickly. It’s sooo silly. Genna left me to babysit the new pup while she ran to the store to get some necessities for the little thing. I bet you can guess what that means?? She came home to some nice, shiny new photos of her brand new baby.

Ahhhhhh, precious!!!!

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