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Christin the Koi Fish

The series is back and BIGGER than ever, you guys. Oh my gosh.. I can’t even explain how excited I am about this. About a month of work went into this shoot today.. we are stepping it up a notch on the series and incorporating designers and wardrobe into our artistic animal shoots. I am so happy and excited and inspired!!!

Today’s shoot features Ms. Christin Sorensen rocking a killer dress made by Candace K Styling and sporting makeup by Subreen Davis Makeup Artistry. I am so so so lucky to have such a talented group of girls on my hands… It is an incredible thing!!! Ok Ok, now I’ll shut up and show you the goods!

We will start off with a few behind the scenes photos just for fun. The getting ready process is always a fun time to spend with the girls. We were all constantly snacking on donut holes which made Christin quite jealous… You see, she was glued to her chair as to not mess up her body paint while it was drying.. So in the below pictures, you will see some generosity as we feed her donut holes.  Candace helped Subreen with the body paint to help pale out Christin’s complexion. Final touch: paint her nails black!

Once to the location in the University Area, Subreen was able to put the finishing touches on Christin’s back and Candace got her dress all set. We got the occasional funny stare from spectators.. I’m sure they were wondering what was up with the koi fish in the river. My favorite, though, are the people who pretend like that don’t notice. You can see a look of confusion on their face but they don’t want to be rude and stare… Gets me every time.

Happy Birthday again to Laura, the set decorator!

And now, I give you…. *drum roll*… Christin, the Koi Fish!

Photo: Alexa Poletti Photography
H/MU: Subreen Davis
Wardrobe: Candace Kualii
Model: Christin Sorensen

The full shoot may be viewed at:

Series Photography
Charlotte, NC

Rockstar Arsenio!

Arsenio! Incredibly awesome makeup by Genna, incredibly awesome model Arsenio totally workin’ it… This is going to be a long post because I really, really love this shoot.

I think it speaks for itself so I’m not going to sit here and jabber all day. He wanted a mix of gritty and glamourous.. love it.

Photo: Alexa Poletti Photography
MUA: Genna Poletti
Hair: Arsenio Clemens
Model: Arsenio Clemens

Gaga..oh la la!

Time for a wardrobe change!

And another!

And location!

Makeup Photography
Davidson, NC


Anita the Black Widow!

We are SO EXCITED for Halloween coming up. Yesterday, Subreen, Genna and I wanted to warm up for an evening at Scarowinds (we are just a tight group of friends looking for a creative outlet, after all..) by shooting the BLACK WIDOW in our animal series! Oohhh SCARY. Ohh, Halloween is just so much fun!!!

We had Anita come out to Davidson for this one. Subreen hooked her up with about a zillion eyeballs, crazy black bodypaint, styrofoam hair, and a bag of Halloween spider webs. She brought her five year old daughter to the shoot who kept my cat, Pipesicles, very entertained during H/MU. Fun fact about Anita and her daughter, Nina- they speak Polish! Coolest thing ever. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Brendan, my main man, hardly ever comes to my shoots, but he came to keep little Nina company in the spooooooky graveyard while I did the shoot of Anita. They were just soooo damn cute that I had to snap a photo of them bonding.

So I am thinking about adding Behind the Scenes photos to my blog here.. I have them for tons of my past shoots but I never really do anything with them except put them on my site. So.. what better place to post pictures of shoots than my blog where I talk about…shoots? 🙂 I’ll admit that they will probably get a little more wordy but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum!! Hehe… so here’s another great Behind the Scenes photo. This is my twin sister being a super diva in the graveyard. Probably terrible, but pretty hilarious.

Alright, so enough of that for now.. Let’s get to the goods! For the Black Widow shoot, I wanted a good, creepy desaturated look, while still keeping the beauty of the eyes and the vibrancy of the hourglass forehead. I think the product turned out fantastic, and as always, it was so great watching Subreen work.

Introducing… Anita, the Black Widow of the creepy graveyard… Rawr! 

Photo: Alexa Poletti
H/MUA: Subreen Davis
Model: Anita

Awesome hair, Subreen!!

And we will wrap it up with a silly group photo taken by Brendan with all of his fine photo skills…hah… right. I love you, B!

That’s all for now, xx!

Makeup Photography
Davidson, NC

Panda panda.. nom nom!

Animal #3! Sooo excited to shoot our panda today!!! She is SO cute! I have been looking forward to shooting this fluffy, cuddly little bear from the beginning of the series when it was just a little, far-fetched idea in my head. We’ve had a busy weekend working on the series, and the next two are doubled up weekends as well… so you guys have a lot more coming! I’m really loving the flow of the series so far, and how fast we are cranking them out. It makes our future plans for the series seem not so far in the distance. That’s so important and wonderful!

Wendy Li was our model for our cute panda! The minute I saw her, she was immediately casted for panda without any other competition for the spot. She was the first of the series to be cast because she is SO FREAKING CUTE. She’s got such a cute smile, and warm face.. We wanted to make the panda a cute animal, to balance our evil bee. I love how it turned out! The bamboo forest and the green leaves in her hair (Thanks Subreen!) were a perfect touch! As always, great work by my team, Gen & Sub!

Photo: Alexa Poletti Photography
MUA: Genna Poletti
Hair: Subreen Davis
Model: Wendy Li

Also- hehe… I might add, Panda’s fun ANIME EYES:

Makeup Photography
Charlotte, NC

Second in the Series! Bzzz!

And the ball is officially rolling on our animal series!!! Yes! Today, we kicked off with Jennifer Hoyle, playing our bee… the evil, disgruntled bumble bee. For this, my team and I decided that bees are evil and mean, so we went with a sinister look for her. We took her over to a garden, filled with actual bees, for some evil bee inspiration. I loveee how they turned out! Check them out!

Photo: Alexa Poletti Photography
MUA: Genna Poletti
Hair: Subreen Davis
Model: Jennifer Hoyle

Makeup Photography
Charlotte, NC

Genna Poletti Makeup Artistry Shoot

Hey guys! Today we did my twin sister’s business card shoot! Yeeeeahh! (Did I mention that I design business cards- you get the cards, layout, font, etc. Email me if you’re interested. alexa.poletti@gmail.com). Also, created a banner and stuff for her blog. Check it out!


Here are some photos from her fun, candy shoot today. I got to eat the leftover Skittles.. best shoot in the world. 😉

MUA: Genna Poletti
Model: Nancy Vang

She is so damn cute!! Here is Genna’s new card.. please hit her up. She is so talented!

Studio Photography
Charlotte, NC

The Beginning of Something Beautiful

YES!!!!!! It is time to kick off the new series that I have been rambling about for nearly a month. It is now in full swing with scheduled shoots one after another after another. I can FINALLY release some details about the series..

The idea is a series of models portraying a variety of animals through animal inspired makeup designs by my wonderful team. I’m so happy to have such a great team working with me… Ms. Subreen Davis and Ms. Genna Poletti. I know I post their links every time, but they are a huge part of these shoots and I really couldn’t do it without them. I am so grateful.


Subreen: www.subreenmkupartistry.wordpress.com

Genna: www.gennapolettimakeup.wordpress.com

So, with all that said, here is the beginning of the series! We started on Saturday with such a sweet model, Sierra Davis. She was casted as our swan, pretty much the moment we saw her. Such an elegant, gorgeous face on her… And she’s only 17! Sometimes we work with such young talent, it really blows me away to see the images that they produce. We have some great stuff coming up  very soon so definitely be on the lookout for updated blog posts, and I may even get around to updating my website one day too, hehe… Well, without further ado, here she is.. Sierra the Swan!



Photo: Alexa Poletti Photography

Makeup: Subreen Davis

Hair: Genna Poletti

Model: Sierra Davis

Series Photography
Charlotte, NC

Hannah, the creature of the deeeeep!

So, a few weeks ago, makeup artist, Subreen Davis, came to me wanting to do a collaboration. I know that she kicks ass, so I was sooo super stoked about this opportunity. I asked her what she can do, and then I will come up with an idea based on that.
Her reply was, “I can do anything.”
which is the coolest answer ever, because that led us to this shoot today. After planning and planning and tweaking and planning, the idea blossomed into the best shoot (possibly ever), with the help of ridiculously talented model,
Hannah Sayles.

And that’s a wrap!
Subreen Davis, Hannah Sayles, Alexa Poletti
Creature of the Deep Team!

Special Effects Makeup Photography
Denver, NC

GaGa Ooh-La-La!

Really behind in this blog already, great…
I have much more to post, but they each deserve their own posts, and when I get a second to breathe (have been shooting almost every day..busyyy!), I will give them each their own.

But tonight, we are starring the lovely Miss Genna Poletti, who also happens to be my twin sister.
Check out some shots from her Gaga-esque photoshoot!

Fashion Photography, Wilmington, NC