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Sisters in the Summer – Sibling Photography

Hey guys! On Monday afternoon, I had the pleasure of shooting the Elkins sisters who are both just amazingly wonderful and funny. I had so much fun with these two. They reminded me of my own sisters and I suddenly wanted to do a family shoot with my sisters. I miss them! Ahhh! There is nothing like the bond of sisterhood. Sister relationships are so awesome because you are born with a best friend. You can fight and make up in a matter of seconds. It’s such a weird dynamic… I love it.

Now I don’t normally do family portraits. It’s not like I have anything against it, it’s just not usually a client I attract since I don’t shoot children. This shoot on the other hand… Pretty much the ideal family session for me. These girls are around my age so I was able to just kick it with them and take some photos for mom. Mom likes nature. Here we go!

Time for a little tech rundown:

For the set above, I shot completely natural light. I had Melanie (right) hold a few of the branches of the bush to frame their faces with the budding flowers and add an extra layer to the photo to make it more interesting. This set is a personal favorite of mine. These girls are so pretty and natural!

The photos below were shot under a dark, shadowy tree. Sun spots are always a problem under tree light, so I used a Canon 580exII flash into a 45″ white umbrella to illuminate the girls with a nice soft light, while blocking the major sun spots with a translucent reflector.

Just a quick thanks to these girls for being so cool and cooperative in our interesting…environment. Haha! And thanks to Jasmine for coming all the way down from NYC for this shoot! You guys are too cool!

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Sister Portraits
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Mike & Johanna’s Wedding

Hi guys!! Last weekend I had the privilege of shooting Mike and Johanna’s wedding on May 5, 2012.  It was SUCH a beautiful day. They got married aboard the “N 2 Deep” yacht (Championship Yacht Charters) on Lake Norman, NC. We were picked up from Travis Pointe in Mooresville, NC which is an AMAZING venue in itself. That property is just incredible, and a great option if you are looking to get married in the LKN area. While I am based out of Washington, DC, I have a special attachment to LKN and love it more than any place in the world.

Let’s start with the dress and the details of the day. The colors of the wedding were Carolina blue and white. This combo is so gorgeous and one of my favorites!

Check out this amazing dress! I love how casual yet completely elegant and beautiful it was. Just wait til you see it on Johanna… wow!

I am obsessed with these GUESS shoes!

How adorable are these flower girl baskets?

These flowers are SO beautiful. The florist really knocked it out of the park. I also love the touch of the bedazzles in the bouquet and boutonniere and the carolina blue bow to tie the flowers to the theme.

Drum roll, please! Ceremony time! Here are a few highlights from the ceremony.

Everyone loves flower girls and ring bearers! These are some of the cutest I’ve seen!

Cue Johanna! Mike sees his bride for the first time. Aww! Always my favorite part!

What a radiant smile!

Adorable flower girl picking up petals during the ceremony.. hehehe…

You may kiss the bride!

I now present Johanna and Mike Bohn!

Meet the wedding party!

 Now it is time for our bride and groom to relax and enjoy some drinks together and for the reception to begin!

Meet DJ Bob! We have worked other weddings together so it was great to be reunited with another vendor! Always cool to see familiar faces.

Okay… I am going to give you fair warning to brace yourself for this next set. It is potentially the cutest thing ever to hit this earth. Flower girls eating strawberries and cupcakes. See if you can handle it…

Hahaha.. Oh man. I love those two.

Check out this killer sunset from the front of the boat!

A beautiful first dance!

Dancin’ machines!


As I am writing this, I am laughing recalling this. This was definitely a fun bunch! And here are a few more dancing party people to top off the night.

And the clouds broke just enough for the Supermoon to light up the sky. An amazing end to an amazing night. Thanks so much to Mike and Johanna for letting me be a part of their special day. I really had a blast hanging with y’all! Best of luck to you both!

Lake Norman, NC
Wedding Photography

Super Riley Bros.

Hmm… If there were ever two boys that were hard to get a photo of.. it’s these two. In honor of Mothers Day, I did some shots of Brendan and his brother Chris while the family was up visiting us in Davidson today. My mom in-law has been wanting some shots of the boys for a while.. what better day to do it?! Unfortunately, we ran into some problems…

What are those smiles…!?


Hmm.. well… about to give up..


I GOT ONE. Here ya go, Jean! 🙂 xoxo, love all of your kids.

And a bonus for Chris’ girlfriend, Chelze! This is their little pink dog, May. Hate she couldn’t be here with us to celebrate the family! Hmph.

Well… those are my boys. Aren’t they charming??? Gotta love em!

Family Photography
Davidson, NC

I’m 1 Today!

“I’m 1 Today!”

This is Krish! What an adorable little boy!

Yesterday, I took a trip out to Raleigh, NC to shoot little Krish’s first birthday party.
Let’s start off with a quick family photo:

This party was such a huge event!! Krish is quite popular for a one year old.. I don’t think I could have a party this big if I tried!!! 😉 He had an awesome cake made by Lynn’s Traditions based out of Raleigh, NC. Check out their site for more details on how to get your own cake like this one.

Also, delicious food catered by the restaurant venue, Zayka Indian Cuisine.

Following appetizers was a children’s entertainment show, featuring Elmo, a magician, and balloon twisting.

Don’t forget face painting!

A special hat for the birthday boy!!

Beautiful women!

And finally, time for this huge crowd to sing “Happy Birthday” to little Krish. He was so cute as he clapped along with everyone after the song.

Blowing out the candle! Happy birthday little man! 

That’s a wrap on Krish’s 1st Birthday. Looking forward to a future portrait session with this awesome family & their precious son!!

Event Photography
Raleigh, NC

Scott & Christina’s Engagement

Scott & Christina!

A mutual friend, Jim Graziano of snapWerx commercial photography, hooked me up with this perfect little couple! After a day of SNOW (????!) in Davidson, I feared that this engagement session would have to be rescheduled.. On the contrary, we could not have asked for more perfect weather! It was cold, but it is December, so what do you expect?

What charming smiles these two have!!!

^^ This series is too sweet!

^^ I better get a Christmas card!

We had a gorgeous sunset tonight.. Did anyone else catch it? Wow..! Romantic…

Magic. 🙂

Engagement Photography
Charlotte, NC

The Brockman’s!

I give you.. the Brockman’s!! This fabulous lady was my SECOND grade teacher. Can you believe that?? These are her kids.. so grown up! I haven’t seen this bunch in nearly ten years… Incredible. It was so nice to see them and to hang out with these awesome gals. The girls were sooo fun and hysterical. They absolutely loved Genna’s puppy… there are pictures of her littered throughout my blog- I know you’ve seen the pup before.

How pretty are they??!

Laugh it up, goofballs! 🙂

Awww, OH MY GOD. So weird and awesome!! I love her so much!

So after this little mini shoot on Lake Norman, we all went out to eat. We decided on Brixx in Birkdale so the little pup could come along. Here is a shot of my mom and Mrs. Brockman! They are both a bunch of hotties!

Beautiful, beautiful day. It better not be another ten years before I see this crew again…!

Family Photography
Lake Norman, NC

LaCarter Kids!

Hey everyone! Time for another post! These are the beautiful LaCarter children, who also happen to be my cousins. Good genes run in my family, ya know? They are sooo cute, ahh, I can’t get over it. Just want to give them little hugs forever. The shoot was for Laylee’s baby book- she is the youngest and also the only girl. She’s almost two and the sweeeeeetest little thing. I may be a little biased though…

I swear, their parents really have their hands full with this bunch!!!

Family Photography
Rocky Mount, NC