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M.E. & Dave’s Wedding

Hey guys! Time for some wedding photos! Bring on the loveee!

This past weekend, I took a trip out to Little Switzerland, NC to shoot the wedding of M.E. & Dave. Their wedding was held at the  Switzerland Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Their ceremony overlooked the mountains which was completely amazing.. I am so happy to have been a part of this wedding, and for getting to work with such a super cool, laid back couple like M.E. and Dave.

M.E. is a vintage designer in LA which is totalllyyyyyyy rockstar.
Please give her site a visit if you want to drool over some awesome vintage eye candy:
or her blog: www.meandblueinla.blogspot.com

So, on to the goods! Off we goooooo…..!

Okay, well maybe I should start at the beginning.

To establish the setting, let me describe driving through the Blue Ridge Parkway when the leaves are changing for those who have never done it. I don’t know if anyone read a few posts back when I posted about visiting Todd, NC, but it was a very similar feeling. The leaves are magical. The colors are so vivid and beautiful.. there is nothing like it. Driving through the falling leaves, twisting and turning through these curvy roads.. Windows down, air crisp..

A perfect drive to arrive and meet M.E. & Dave in Little Switzerland.

I was only with this couple for two hours on Saturday, but they were such accepting sweet people, I feel like I got to know them quite a bit! I had a blast hanging out with them while the fam was getting their makeup done.. A very spicy bunch! Because they didn’t have a wedding party, M.E. spent the minutes before the wedding¬†with her mother and sister in their adorable cottage in Little Switzerland. And then the time came!! Here is a cute shot of the three of them walking over to the arch for the ceremony. They were so happy.. =)

And then the ceremony. It was so sweet.. Very casual which you all know is what I’m all about.

This rose was placed in the archway during the ceremony in memory of Dave’s mother. Very touching…

Yayyy!! Look how happy he is!!! Isn’t that cute? Aw!

And finally… they wanted their jumping photo.. so they got their jumping photo! I told you they were spicy, hehe!

My personal favorites here are “Levitating Grandpa” and “Mom with Child”… You can’t go wrong!

Until next time, xx.

Wedding Photography
Little Switzerland, NC

In Need of a Vacation!

Hey guyyyyys! So… with all this work on the series, I felt like I should take a trip before my upcoming weddings sentence me to eternity in my studio, editing, editing, editing… So, my sweet sweet beau and I went off for a romantic getaway at my family’s mountain house in the tiny town of Todd, NC. Apparently, the leaves had just changed the night before we left to head up there… we heard that they had all been green the day before. How very lucky of us to have a sight like this off of our porch:

This house is very special to my family. My grandfather, who passed away at a very young age before I was born, is buried in the graveyard next to the house. He built this house.. all by himself, by hand. It is really, really amazing. I wish so much that I had gotten the chance to meet him. From what I have heard about him, I think that we would have been really great friends. A spectacular man.

“Though he traveled the world, he loved this place.”

On the other side of the house, is a beautiful pond. The reflection of the changing leaves on the calm water was such a sight. It was like something out of a travel magazine. I really couldn’t believe how great our timing was to get up here just as the leaves were becoming these brilliant colors.

Brendan and I had fun feeding the fishes in the pond.. They seem to really love crackers. Hehe! While feeding the fish, I wanted to get them to bite my finger.. so as I was leaning over the edge of the dock, I kept sticking my head in all of these elaborate spiderwebs. I didn’t want to break them, so I gave up my hopes of being nipped by one of the hungry fish. It seemed like fun at the time… now it just sounds kind of crazy. Next time?

Today, we went kayaking down the New River. It was so funnn! I felt like Pocahontas.. the colors of the wind, just around the river bend… It was incredible! I’m telling you! The leaves were stunning!!!!

Home now from vacation.. about to start back working again very soon. My photos will be up and available to see at a local gallery opening on Friday night. Look for new wedding photos on Saturday night, and new animal series photos on Sunday night!

Cross your fingers I survive! Until then, xx.