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Katy + Andrew’s Vintage Engagement

Meet Katy + Andrew.
Perfect couple, huh?

We had a killer vintage outdoors engagement session the other weekend when I was in Wilmington for Dede + Josh’s wedding. A weekend full of loooove. 😉 Seriously, could they be any more perfect?

We began in Wilmington, NC where we started by doing the downtown photo circle and then went to play in the sunflower fields. I love how these sunflower photos turned out.. Just like I imagined when we were planning this shoot!
Then we headed out to Ft. Fisher, NC! This beautiful location cannot be matched by anywhere in Eastern NC, in my opinion.

Katy + Andrew played off of each other so well. I love when couples interact naturally! They had so much fun and it just shines in their photos.. Look how cute!!!

Hehehe… arm wrestling.. Katy almost had him beat!

They were having too much fun! Whoa!
Tug-of-war on the spine. He’s a chiropractor. Just for some backstory on that one haha.. Definitely the most interesting item I have ever had a couple bring to their session!!! How creative!

Then we headed over to the beach to knock out a vintage beach date. Love these, too! I just love this whole session basically. Wrapped up the day with a sweet silhouette….

I enjoyed working with Katy + Andrew so much.. I hope to work with them again soon and of course, I wish them the best of luck!!

Wilmington, NC
Ft. Fisher, NC
Engagement Photography

Ms. Melissa Knight!

You guys may have remembered my last traditional Korean photoshoot of Kim Knight.. well today, I got her sister, Melissa! I’m glad we were able to make our schedules match up.. She lives in Kansas! & I am moving tomorrow, so…. Anyway, so much fun to go out shooting with this pair. I am an Asian freak, so you know I love to do these shoots. 😉

And then we went to the beach and had a little fun! There are definitely no beaches in Kansas…

Well, I am moving in the morning so you can expect a break from photos for a little bit until I get settled in. But the next thing to look forward to are photos from my upcoming vacation to Niagara Falls! Yesss! Should be a blast! I’ll keep you updated, and of course, will post photos!

Traditional Asian Photography
Beach Photography
Wilmington, NC

Cortnie & Clark’s Wedding

Hey! Super busy these days- don’t have a lot of time to write! Here are some photos from the pretty (& bright!) little beach wedding of Cortnie and Clark in Southport, NC! Congrats to them!

Wedding Photography
Southport, NC

I love Engagements!

Hello everyone! Today I shot engagement photos for Mark and his fiance! It was so nice to meet this whole family.. I was so surprised to see that they brought five kids with them to their engagement session! Great times with good people! We just barely lucked out with the giant storms looming around Wilmington long enough to snap these shots off under Johnny Mercer’s Pier at Wrightsville Beach.

Engagement Photography
Family Photography
Wilmington, NC

Monica’s Senior Portraits

Okay, okay, maybe it is time to stop vacationing… Back to work! I just spent a week in Emerald Isle, NC on a family vacation, during which I took some senior portraits for my wonderful cousin, Monica Poletti. She is so gorgeous, I can’t even believe how much she has grown up!!! Just beautiful, really… I have the best family.

Senior Portraits
Emerald Isle, NC

Dollface Deconstruction

Heyyy hey hey! Got up super early today to shoot for Dollface Deconstruction, beautiful handmade jewelry! Amazing necklaces that turn into headbands… I want one!!

Jewelry: Dollface Deconstruction
Model: Britt Young

Fashion Photography, Wilmington, NC