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Mike & Johanna’s Wedding

Hi guys!! Last weekend I had the privilege of shooting Mike and Johanna’s wedding on May 5, 2012.  It was SUCH a beautiful day. They got married aboard the “N 2 Deep” yacht (Championship Yacht Charters) on Lake Norman, NC. We were picked up from Travis Pointe in Mooresville, NC which is an AMAZING venue in itself. That property is just incredible, and a great option if you are looking to get married in the LKN area. While I am based out of Washington, DC, I have a special attachment to LKN and love it more than any place in the world.

Let’s start with the dress and the details of the day. The colors of the wedding were Carolina blue and white. This combo is so gorgeous and one of my favorites!

Check out this amazing dress! I love how casual yet completely elegant and beautiful it was. Just wait til you see it on Johanna… wow!

I am obsessed with these GUESS shoes!

How adorable are these flower girl baskets?

These flowers are SO beautiful. The florist really knocked it out of the park. I also love the touch of the bedazzles in the bouquet and boutonniere and the carolina blue bow to tie the flowers to the theme.

Drum roll, please! Ceremony time! Here are a few highlights from the ceremony.

Everyone loves flower girls and ring bearers! These are some of the cutest I’ve seen!

Cue Johanna! Mike sees his bride for the first time. Aww! Always my favorite part!

What a radiant smile!

Adorable flower girl picking up petals during the ceremony.. hehehe…

You may kiss the bride!

I now present Johanna and Mike Bohn!

Meet the wedding party!

 Now it is time for our bride and groom to relax and enjoy some drinks together and for the reception to begin!

Meet DJ Bob! We have worked other weddings together so it was great to be reunited with another vendor! Always cool to see familiar faces.

Okay… I am going to give you fair warning to brace yourself for this next set. It is potentially the cutest thing ever to hit this earth. Flower girls eating strawberries and cupcakes. See if you can handle it…

Hahaha.. Oh man. I love those two.

Check out this killer sunset from the front of the boat!

A beautiful first dance!

Dancin’ machines!


As I am writing this, I am laughing recalling this. This was definitely a fun bunch! And here are a few more dancing party people to top off the night.

And the clouds broke just enough for the Supermoon to light up the sky. An amazing end to an amazing night. Thanks so much to Mike and Johanna for letting me be a part of their special day. I really had a blast hanging with y’all! Best of luck to you both!

Lake Norman, NC
Wedding Photography

Mary & Machelle’s Wedding

Hey guys! I have a very exciting and personal post for you all today!
Ever since I started doing wedding photography, I have wanted to shoot same-sex weddings. Gay marriage is an issue that is very close to my heart and something I care very deeply about. When I moved to DC from North Carolina, I was so happy to be moving to a place where all people are allowed to marry who they love. I can not stress enough how important equality is to me. I truly hope that these photos find struggling gay individuals/couples and give them hope and happiness for the future. We are on the right track.

ANYWAY, I could talk about gay marriage forever, but this post is about Mary and Machelle and their fabulous wedding day. This couple traveled up from North Carolina to make their promise to each other legal. I am so honored to have shot their wedding performed by Tiffany of MarriageDC in the Chelsea Gardens in Washington, DC. Meet Mary and Machelle!

Okay okay okay. Let’s start from the beginning. Here we are at Chelsea Gardens and the ceremony has begun!

:’D So happy!

(The above photo has been blacked out for blog purposes to protect the identity and privacy of my clients.)

So after the ceremony, we headed out to grab some portraits of the newlyweds! I wanted to take more of a lifestyle approach to capture this couples’ sincere joy. I love the way these girls laugh and their happiness was extremely contagious.

And finally… my favorite thing about Mary and Machelle was their sense of humor. How many couples will let you take photos like THIS on their wedding day?

Hahaha! Love it so much! Okay, that’s it guys. Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Thanks and CONGRATS again to Mary and Machelle!

Wedding Photography
Gay Marriage Photography
Washington, DC

Heather + Adam’s Wedding!

Hey guys!! It’s been a while since I’ve put up a wedding post, so here ya go! While I was in Wilmington last week, my old buddy and photography sensei Chris Van Atta asked me if I’d like to be second shooter on a wedding he had coming up. OF COURSE, I said I’d love to! It was so so so great to be reunited with my buddy after almost a year of not shooting together. Isn’t that insane?! UGH. So that led me to meet Heather and Adam, a wonderfully spunky couple that goes by “Heat” and “Addy” —  Love it!

So sweet! While Heather was getting ready at the Hilton Riverside, Adam was holding down the fort at the beautiful St. Thomas Preservation Hall. It was a cool time of day for lighting in the hall!

Here are some shots of the green/blue peacock theme!

Here we go!!!

Presenting the couple! Yay!

Awww what an awesome ceremony. So during the switch from wedding chapel to reception party room, we hit the streets of downtown Wilmington, NC for some fun family photos.

Vintage style kissin’ in the street. That’s where it’s at!

On our way back to the reception, we made a pit stop outside of Yosake, where Heather and Adam shared their first date. Awww. 🙂

The reception was a lot of fun too! I spent most of the night assisting Chris with lighting but here are a few quick shots of Heather and Adam’s first dance!

Well guys, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed Heather and Adam’s Wilmington wedding!
Until next time! xo

Wedding Photography
Wilmington, NC

Frances + Joey’s Engagement

Meet Frances and Joey. They are a seriously awesome couple with a lot of really great and fun ideas. Frances’ sister, Francheska, has been a great friend of mine for many years so it was really cool to finally be able to spend some time with Frances as well. Her fiance, Joey, is hysterical. I had a great time kicking it with these two a few weeks ago.

Their first idea was to do a boxing scene. Joey is a big fan of boxing… here is how it played out.

The face-off!


But he is a great sport 🙂

So off to the park for a picnic! Unfortunately, we got caught in a rainstorm so we took shelter in this covered area, which actually turned out to be really cool. The air was extremely muggy and foggy  so while we were waiting for the storm to stop, we snapped off a few other pics that turned out to be some of my favorites from the day. I love the hazy effect at the top of the screen from the weather on my lens.

Teeny and Itsy. Hehe!

Finally! The storm stopped!

Picnic time!!
The number 1 image of the day… drum roll please!

Haaaahaha Teeny and Itsy! I love this one!
What a perfectly sweet couple. 🙂

Engagement Photography
Davidson, NC

Jessica + Joe’s Engagement

Jessica and Joe! Jess is a good friend of mine and when she asked me to shoot her engagement session with Joe, I could not have been happier for an excuse to hang out! She’s such a sweetheart! And while Joe wasn’t a fan of getting his picture taken, I think deep down he had a little bit of fun 🙂

I love Joe’s expression in this one! I have a similar one where he is looking but this just looks so much sweeter and sincere… hehe…

Red doors!

The whole family! Too cute!!! Love all those little feets. Blaze is their pit who is the cutest thing in the world.

And that’s the story of Jess and Joe! They are getting married in Vegas next year… Best of luck you two!!

Engagement Photography
Denver, NC

Andres + Jessica’s Wedding

Andres and Jessica. Perfect.
I am soooo pleased to have been invited as a guest and as the photographer of Andres and Jessica’s wedding. I became friends with Andres and Jessica when I first met them for their engagement session (Quick reminder: Engagement Photos!) almost a year ago. SOMEHOW I managed to not know this sweet couple although they know EVERYONE I know, including my boyfriend. What the heck. I feel like I missed out on a great friendship all these years! But since we know all of the same peeps, it made this wedding one of the most fun to shoot. What a blast!!!

Well, lets get started! This is the story of Andres and Jessica’s wedding day… Here we go!

The venue was the Doubletree in Charlotte, NC. All of the folks here were so accommodating and helpful.  Big ups to the wedding planner (someone please remind me of her name?) for this wedding.. She killed it! I know that wedding planning is no easy task, and I totally respect those who can handle the job!

The wedding is getting close!

I want one just like it for my wedding! Hey Jess, let me get that! Haha!

While Jess and I were waiting for the ceremony, we knocked out some quick bridal shots. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Thanks Genna Poletti Makeup Artistry for the insanely stunning makeup. I know you made Jessica and the girls extremely happy.
Now it’s time to go! It’s time for the wedding!

I love these shots from the ceremony! My two favorites, although it’s hard to choose!

Awesome group shot! Photogenic bunch makes my job easy!

Awww… 🙂

After the wedding was the cocktail hour where everyone got to know each other and of course, get some cocktails!

Jessica and Andres got their own little private quiet time during the cocktail hour to be alone and spend a few minutes together as newlyweds! I love these!

And the fun begins!! Reception time! Try not to be overwhelmed by the amount of reception photos I am posting… I know it is excessive but I just loved this wedding so much and had a blast! I just want to share the fun with photo memories!
This is Jessica and Andres’ first dance as newlyweds… Too cute!

She got him!

Time to throw the bouquet and garter! That kid was so stoked… He cracked me up! I’m so glad he caught it haha!

This is my absolute favorite dance sequence I have ever shot. Isn’t it the most adorable thing you have ever ever ever seen? Oh my gosh. Can’t get over it. Hahaha… awww..

(Click to enlarge)

Finally a few more favorites from the rest of the night.
I had such a blast with Andres and Jessica on their wedding night. Thanks again to Mr. & Mrs. L for allowing me to be a part of it!!!
Goodnight everyone!

Wedding Photography
Charlotte, NC

Katy + Andrew’s Vintage Engagement

Meet Katy + Andrew.
Perfect couple, huh?

We had a killer vintage outdoors engagement session the other weekend when I was in Wilmington for Dede + Josh’s wedding. A weekend full of loooove. 😉 Seriously, could they be any more perfect?

We began in Wilmington, NC where we started by doing the downtown photo circle and then went to play in the sunflower fields. I love how these sunflower photos turned out.. Just like I imagined when we were planning this shoot!
Then we headed out to Ft. Fisher, NC! This beautiful location cannot be matched by anywhere in Eastern NC, in my opinion.

Katy + Andrew played off of each other so well. I love when couples interact naturally! They had so much fun and it just shines in their photos.. Look how cute!!!

Hehehe… arm wrestling.. Katy almost had him beat!

They were having too much fun! Whoa!
Tug-of-war on the spine. He’s a chiropractor. Just for some backstory on that one haha.. Definitely the most interesting item I have ever had a couple bring to their session!!! How creative!

Then we headed over to the beach to knock out a vintage beach date. Love these, too! I just love this whole session basically. Wrapped up the day with a sweet silhouette….

I enjoyed working with Katy + Andrew so much.. I hope to work with them again soon and of course, I wish them the best of luck!!

Wilmington, NC
Ft. Fisher, NC
Engagement Photography

Josh + Dede’s Wedding

Hey guys!! Last weekend I traveled to Wilmington, NC to shoot Josh and Dede’s beautiful wedding at Bluewater! I loved this wedding… Tattoos and metalheads! I love it! Haha! Of course I love that alternative wedding style and I think all the girls looked GORGEOUS in their dresses with their tattoos. I only hope that one day I look that pretty at my own tattooed wedding.

I stopped by the rehearsal on Saturday to check out the venue and snap some photos of Dede’s 2 yr old niece, London. What a goofball this kid is… She was bouncing off the walls! Check out those baby blues!

Wedding Day!!
Sunday, June 05, 2011.

You get that alternative style right from the beginning with this wedding. As soon as I walked in the doors of Bluewater, I ran straight into a CANDY BAR. A candy bar?? Like for real!? Probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Obsessed with this.. One of my favorite things at this wedding was the tattoo-style mailbox for receiving wedding cards. This was so creative and personal. Digging it!

There was also a traditional touch to the wedding, which was also nice. I love the fact that their cake toppers were modeled after their dog. Talk about the cutest thing ever ever ever?
Time to the let the pictures tell the story of Josh and Dede’s special day…

The fellas kickin’ it pre-wedding at the bar.

The ladies getting ready at Bluewater.

Here comes the bride…

The ceremony was performed by Dede’s father. It was a sweet and silly wedding! Kiss the bride?! NOW?!

After the wedding we headed outside onto the dock to do some photos.

These are some of my favorite group shots! The claw!! Love the lighting in these!

Sweet wedding portraits. Dede has such a great smile! Feeling the love! 🙂

Dede’s first dance with her new husband and her dad! I always love these… sweetest part of weddings in my opinion!!

Haha!! Bridesmaids out of control!

As the wedding came to a close, I hopped in my car and started to drive off. In my mirror, I saw the moon rising over Bluewater… I swerved my little Mini Cooper S into the nearest parking spot, whipped my camera back out, and knocked off a few more shots of the venue and the moon.

Congrats you two!! I wish you guys the best of luck in your new life together!

Wedding Photography
Wilmington, NC
Wrightsville Beach, NC

Scott & Christina’s Engagement

Scott & Christina!

A mutual friend, Jim Graziano of snapWerx commercial photography, hooked me up with this perfect little couple! After a day of SNOW (????!) in Davidson, I feared that this engagement session would have to be rescheduled.. On the contrary, we could not have asked for more perfect weather! It was cold, but it is December, so what do you expect?

What charming smiles these two have!!!

^^ This series is too sweet!

^^ I better get a Christmas card!

We had a gorgeous sunset tonight.. Did anyone else catch it? Wow..! Romantic…

Magic. 🙂

Engagement Photography
Charlotte, NC

M.E. & Dave’s Wedding

Hey guys! Time for some wedding photos! Bring on the loveee!

This past weekend, I took a trip out to Little Switzerland, NC to shoot the wedding of M.E. & Dave. Their wedding was held at the  Switzerland Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Their ceremony overlooked the mountains which was completely amazing.. I am so happy to have been a part of this wedding, and for getting to work with such a super cool, laid back couple like M.E. and Dave.

M.E. is a vintage designer in LA which is totalllyyyyyyy rockstar.
Please give her site a visit if you want to drool over some awesome vintage eye candy:
or her blog: www.meandblueinla.blogspot.com

So, on to the goods! Off we goooooo…..!

Okay, well maybe I should start at the beginning.

To establish the setting, let me describe driving through the Blue Ridge Parkway when the leaves are changing for those who have never done it. I don’t know if anyone read a few posts back when I posted about visiting Todd, NC, but it was a very similar feeling. The leaves are magical. The colors are so vivid and beautiful.. there is nothing like it. Driving through the falling leaves, twisting and turning through these curvy roads.. Windows down, air crisp..

A perfect drive to arrive and meet M.E. & Dave in Little Switzerland.

I was only with this couple for two hours on Saturday, but they were such accepting sweet people, I feel like I got to know them quite a bit! I had a blast hanging out with them while the fam was getting their makeup done.. A very spicy bunch! Because they didn’t have a wedding party, M.E. spent the minutes before the wedding with her mother and sister in their adorable cottage in Little Switzerland. And then the time came!! Here is a cute shot of the three of them walking over to the arch for the ceremony. They were so happy.. =)

And then the ceremony. It was so sweet.. Very casual which you all know is what I’m all about.

This rose was placed in the archway during the ceremony in memory of Dave’s mother. Very touching…

Yayyy!! Look how happy he is!!! Isn’t that cute? Aw!

And finally… they wanted their jumping photo.. so they got their jumping photo! I told you they were spicy, hehe!

My personal favorites here are “Levitating Grandpa” and “Mom with Child”… You can’t go wrong!

Until next time, xx.

Wedding Photography
Little Switzerland, NC

Cyndy & Marcus’ Wedding. PLUS- Blog Makeover

Hey everyone. Do you like my blogs new makeover? Pretty stylish, huh? Some benefits to this new layout: NO annoying sidebar over on the righthand side anymore & I can display my photos in BIGGER SIZES. I am not going to go through the trouble of correcting my older entries.. I am just going to start now. For those entries, as with this one, you can still click photos for higher resolution images. And now for….

Labor Day wedding! This is Cyndy and Marcus, the most laid back couple I think I’ve ever worked with. Their wedding was held at their family’s inn, the Pines Country Inn, an amazing old building in Pisgah Forest, NC. This group is so sweet and hospitable.. Make ya feel like family! Whoever their florist was killed it- the flowers were awesome!!! Have a look for yourself…

A weeping mother… so sweet!

Wedding Photography
Pisgah Forest, NC

Andres & Jessica’s Engagement

Heyyy guys! I am finally getting back in the swing of things here after my move to Charlotte, NC. I am posting way out of order here by posting Andres and Jessica’s engagement photos from today, but I really love these and wanted to get them up asap! Photos you can look forward to in the future are vacation pics from Niagara Falls (SO FUN!), LaCarter family photos, and beautiful house for sale! BUT for now… Introducing.. Andres and Jessica!!!

Engagement Photography
Charlotte, NC

Suzanne & Josip’s Wedding

Congrats to the happy new couple that is Suzanne and Josip! A very fun and interesting Asheville wedding.. although we did get a little wet! I was there assisting my good buddy, Chris Van Atta …. Ratta tat tatttaaa! Awesome day… Great people!

(hehe.. a funny dog!)

Wedding Photography
Asheville, NC

Cortnie & Clark’s Wedding

Hey! Super busy these days- don’t have a lot of time to write! Here are some photos from the pretty (& bright!) little beach wedding of Cortnie and Clark in Southport, NC! Congrats to them!

Wedding Photography
Southport, NC

Chance and Sarah’s Engagement

I was so thrilled when actor Chance Kelley and his fiancé, Sarah Witt, came to me with ideas for a vintage themed engagement session. Totally digging the aged film look and would love to do more stuff like this!! They are so freaking adorable and perfect for each other, it makes me sick!

Engagement Photography
Fort Fisher, NC

Ken and Katherine’s Wedding

Hey everyone! Wowwww it has been SUCH a busy week. I really can’t believe I am even making these posts right now.. You’re lucky I care about you guys!  ; )
Anyway, yesterday, I shot the Raleigh wedding of Ken and Katherine. It was a blast! This was my second time shooting a wedding at The Matthews House so it was definitely fun to get back there and visit that beautiful location again, with a bride as beautiful as Katherine.

This wedding was insane! Gigantic wedding party… 24 total!

Wedding Photography
Raleigh, NC

I love Engagements!

Hello everyone! Today I shot engagement photos for Mark and his fiance! It was so nice to meet this whole family.. I was so surprised to see that they brought five kids with them to their engagement session! Great times with good people! We just barely lucked out with the giant storms looming around Wilmington long enough to snap these shots off under Johnny Mercer’s Pier at Wrightsville Beach.

Engagement Photography
Family Photography
Wilmington, NC

Trash the Dress

Hey guys!! I just returned home from an adventure with great friend and photographer, Chris Van Atta. We took a trip to the Bahamas to do a “trash the dress” shoot. Awesome job, right? We gathered tons of video footage documenting our journey, and I will try to get that video edited together asap, but that takes time, and I’m traveling again for another week… Busy, busy. Here are a few shots of Colleen from her trash the dress shoot. Video coming soon??

I’ve just recently stopped my traveling and been able to stop and breathe for a second! I finished up some more of Colleen’s photos, and I just love them… Sharing them now 🙂 Enjoy!

And sadly, I have just received a message that this adorable little puppy, Dune, has passed away. Although we spent just a few days with little “Pots” (as Chris called him), I’m very sad for this loss. I’ve got a huge heart for animals, and I am so so sorry for Colleen and Mike. My heart is out to you, friends!!

Trash the Dress
Andros, Bahamas

Tricia and Joseph’s Wedding!

Congrats to Tricia and Joseph Upchurch on their beautiful wedding in Raleigh, NC last Friday!!

Wedding Photography, Raleigh, NC

Engagement! Awww…

Congrats to this perfect little couple! Looking forward to their wedding in November.. gonna be a huge party! Wooohoo! That’s what I like to see!

Engagement Photography, Wilmington, NC