Turning Home Production Stills

Hey! An update from my life! You all know how busy I’ve been working on the movie I’m on right now.. Well tonight I had a little bit of time to grab my camera and get some behind the scenes stills. Enjoy!

Hannah Telle & Amin Joseph

Director Cathy Owens, Cinematographer Rachel Elias

Rodney Hoffman & Francine Locke

Well, we have the next few days off and I am looking forward to getting some rest and then getting back into the swing of things. Just about week more of production on this sucker and then I will be back to my regular updates. Love all of you! xo!

Update: New photos from production!

Brett Hunter & Matt Everson’s budding romance… aww…

Turning Home
Production Stills
Davidson, NC

One response

  1. Carrie Augustin

    Your pictures are wonderful, when are you moving to the DC area I would love to have pictures taken of my children together and dance pictures of my daughter and son.

    May 18, 2011 at 8:31 pm

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