Oh.. I have a blog?

Hahaha… so… Looks like I have a blog that I have been seriously neglecting… I am sorry blog followers, I never meant to hurt your feelings. Hugs to all followers??? xoxoxoxoxo?????

SO I am sure you are dying to know what I have been up to… Am I correct in assuming that? I thought so!

Well.. actually not too much. My twin sister/makeup artist moved to California so I have been trying to cope with that. It is hard to separate from your twin.. most of you probably have no clue what that is like or can’t even begin to imagine.. Basically, I feel as though I’ve been ripped in two. Not myself at all… So I sat around watching movies and playing video games and doing absolutely nothing, just being generally depressed…


Here to save the day!

50mm f/1.4!!! New lens!

Can’t wait to bust it out with the next installment of the animal series this weekend. And this next installment is going to really blow your socks off… I mean it. We have teamed up with fashion stylist and designer, Candace K Styling for our koi fish this weekend. We have a super smokin hot model, Christin Sorenson… Subreen and I aren’t playing around this time, guys!!! Get ready.. it is coming Sunday & nothing can stop it.

Nothing makes me feel like myself like jumping behind the lens. It is so amazing how doing something you love can turn your mood around in an instant. I am so happy to be myself again.

See yall Sunday!!!!

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