FALL COLORS! Pam & Mark’s Autumn Wedding

YES! These fall colors are banginnn! I shot the awesome, fall-themed wedding of Pam and Mark last weekend. I loveee the colors.. With the reds and oranges and having the ceremony backlit by the sun… Perfect!

I love this setup! This colored leaves, pumpkin on a haystack ceremony could have been my favorite that I’ve shot. I’m a sucker for these colors, seriously. This was all set up in their huge backyard..  Ceremony and reception! So cool and crafty. Pam did a fabulous job.

Mmmm.. apple cider and wedding cake!

And the wedding begins…

This is Mark and Pam’s seriously cute daughter/flower girl, Dakota. You may remember her from their engagement session I shot a while back. If not, here is a refresher:

So I have shot the sand blending ceremony plenty of times, but this time was something a little different. Mark and Pam have their own families, their own kids… Instead of pouring two different colored sands together to symbolize their bond together, they had many different colors, one for each child, that symbolized the joining of their two families. I really dig it!

Weddings are so happy!
Here is one of their wedding guests that was just the most adorable little boy I have ever seen… hehe.. SO CUTE.

Mark did a first dance with each of his four daughters, all which were special songs about each girl. This photo-op was just too cute to not post in the blog.. This is daddy and Dakota dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Mine”.

Thats all for now! Until next time, xx.

Wedding Photography
Snow Camp, NC
Burlington, NC

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