New Webstore!

Hey guys.. Can you believe it? Two posts, back to back, with no new photos… Crazy huh? Ok well, I am going to make up for it with a killer killer killer series coming up. I’ve been meeting with Subreen Davis and Genna Poletti about it… So yall know that means there is some crazy makeup in store! Speaking of Subreen’s makeup, I am going to repost the photos from the Creature of the Deep photoshoot because the files are jacked up and the colors look whack on my blog. Which brings me to my next point of interest…

You can view those photos how they are SUPPOSED to look in my new WEBSTORE. Hell yeah! It’s super sweet and makes things very, very easy when it comes to viewing photos and buying prints. Just click through and buy the ones you want.

The link to my e-store is: www.alexapoletti.smugmug.com
Visit it! Buy some prints! Cooool. I will probably be uploading my Misc. section from my website in order to make it easy to buy those photos, as well.

I am in WILMINGTON now, so when I get back to Charlotte.. I will make all the changes that I am talking about.

I am so excited about this new series… It is a secret for now, but I am about to burst. =) CAN’T WAIT.

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